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Joint Consultation Meeting on Trademark Classification Database

Monday, October 19, 2015

A consultation meeting on the Development and implementation of a CGPDTM classification database of goods and services was held in Mumbai from 19-21 October 2015. The meeting was attended by the Indian National Coordinators (INC), 12 CGPDTM officials and two EUIPO Classification Experts.

This consultation allowed exchanging points of view and best practices between CGPDTM and EUIPO. The meeting concluded that setting up a National TMclass tool and integrating the pre-validated list of goods and services into the international initiative TMclass would be very advantageous both for trade mark applicants and the CGPDTM. As a result, a consultation meeting report was jointly drafted summarising the outcomes and identifying next steps.


Cluster activities: 
Trade mark classification tool
Trade mark information tools (Information tools for IP users)