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Raising Awareness on TM & Designs IP Tools in Mumbai

Friday, October 28, 2016

On 28 October 2016 an event on Trade Mark and Industrial Design IP tools took place to raise awareness among IP professionals in India. Two EUIPO IP experts and the IPC-EUI expert gave together a presentation on the different tools available to the public. CGPDTM officials attended the sessions in order to be able to respond to questions on the tools themselves and how these have been integrated into the Indian IP structure that is improving on an ongoing basis. Such improvements involve EUIPO efforts in relation to the IPC-EUI project where, under Component I, India is already part of TMclass, while TMview is being implemented and will soon be available. Moreover work with DesignView has already started and is expected to be integrated in the future.


Cluster activities: 
Trade mark classification tool
Trade mark information tools (Information tools for IP users)
Brand development and SME training