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Specialised Training on Industrial Designs in Guwahati and New Delhi

Monday, December 19, 2016

Two events took place in India and 85 participants attended the IPC-EUI specialised training on Industrial Designs.

13 December 2016 Guwahati
19 December 2016 New Delhi


One EUIPO expert on designs presented the following topics:

  1. The Registered Community Design (RCD) system and links to the Hague Agreement
  2. Challenges in design registration and protection and the link with other rights.

This activity was carried out in cooperation with the CGPDTM and provided one design speaker from its office. The Indian expert presented  the system of registration and protection of designs in India. Moreover the IPC-EUI expert gave an overview of EUIPO IP tools, some of which are strongly connected to industrial designs, e.g. DesignView.

The survey's results demonstrate the success of the events because the topics covered were perceived as relevant and useful. The events’ main objective was to enhance the capacity of the Indian productive sector to compete in different markets at local, regional, national or international level. The specific objective was that of further training and sharing experience with the Indian legal community, such as IP advisors and attorneys, to contribute to their capacity to provide expertise to the business community.

Please feel free to download the material provided below from each event's agendas and presentations on industrial designs as stated herein.

Cluster activities: 
Brand development and SME training
New Delhi