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Three Seminars on the Madrid Protocol "A route to global branding" took place in India

Friday, September 15, 2017

Three events took place in India and over 130 participants attended the IPC-EUI seminar on the Madrid Protocol "A route to global branding".

5 September 2017 Vishakhapatnam
7 September 2017 Lucknow
9 September 2017 Bhopal


The goal of the events was to enhance the capacity of the Indian productive sector to compete in different markets at local, regional, national or international level. In relation to this, the specific objectives were twofold: (i) to provide further specialised training and sharing experience with the Indian legal community, such as IP advisors and attorneys, (ii) to contribute to their capacity to provide expertise to the business community.

One Madrid System expert on global branding together with two CGPDTM officials conducted the sessions on the following subjects:

  1. International search for choosing your trademark
  2. Preparing your International Application
  3. Filing your International Application at IP India
  4. Certification by the Trade Marks Office
  5. Remedying irregularities
  6. Your International Registration in terms of the designated Contracting Parties
  7. Managing your International Registration
  8. Advantages of the Madrid Protocol

Please see attached at the bottom of the page the relevant files ready for download of agendas and presentations.

Download the booklet distributed during the event sessions to learn further about Madrid Protocol. A Route to Global Branding.

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Cluster activities: 
Brand development and SME training