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Training sessions on GIs, Quality and TMR 2017 took place in four cities

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Four events took place in India and over 150 participants attended the IPC-EUI specialised training on GIs.

Varanasi 15 July 2017
Jaipur 19 July 2017
Goa 22 July, 2017
Pondicherry 24 July 2017


The goal of the events was to enhance the capacity of the Indian productive sector to compete in different markets at local, regional, national or international level. In relation to this, the specific objectives were twofold: (i) to provide further specialised training and sharing experience with the Indian legal community, such as IP advisors and attorneys, in addition to GI producers, (ii) to contribute to their capacity to provide expertise to the business community, and in particular, to GI producers.

One EUIPO expert on GIs together with two CGPDTM officials conducted the sessions on the following subjects:

  1. The EU GI system including quality and control standards.
  2. The Indian GI system including the concept of 'authorised user'.
  3. The new Trade Mark Rules 2017 in India including GI-TM interaction.
  4. Marketing strategies of GIs with practical examples.

Please see below at the bottom of the page the relevant files ready for download of agendas and presentations used during the training sessions.

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